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Rival Schools and Beastie Boys Hook Up

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 9 February 2010 at 16.53

Ad-Rock is mixing a tune from the New York legends’ new album!

In one of the more bizarre – but still certifiably awesome – link-ups in recent years, guitarist Walter Schreifels has revealed one of the songs on the new Rival Schools album is being mixed by Adam Horowitz, better known as Ad-Rock from the mighty Beastie Boys.

"Sam [RS drummer Siegler] plays basketball with Adam and he said, ‘Hey, will you mix a song?’ and Adam said yes. It could go on the album, it depends how good the mix is,” said Schreifels.

"It might just be interesting because Ad-Rock did it, or it could be brilliant! I think he’s a talent, but I haven’t heard it. It’s cool that he’s doing it – he sent me an email saying he had an idea for it. It’s called ‘69 Guns’ and we’re thinking of it as a single. I have no idea what a single is these days but it’s got a good beat and, y’know, it could be played at a rock disco."

The as-yet untitled album will be released in summer. Schreifels releases his first solo album ‘An Open Letter To The Scene’ via Big Scary Monsters on April 06. For more on Schreifels' plans, including his solo record(s) and the forthcoming Rivals Schools album, see the next issue of Rock Sound out March 03.

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