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Reports: Jonny Craig Arrested At A Slaves (US) Show

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 13 March 2018 at 22.00

The Slaves (US) vocalist was apparently arrested on stage at a show in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Mutiple videos on social media show the frontman apparently being led out of the venue - Scottsdale's Pub Rock - by police officers last night (March 12)...

An arrest report obtained by Shockwave magazine appears to show that Craig was arrested for one count of damage to property and two counts of disorderly conduct. A further report also appears to show the case was dismissed this morning (March 13).

A Twitter user alleged that the band were kicked out of the venue - a snippet of which is apparently shown in the video below.

The venue - Pub Rock - responded to this, saying, "We didn’t cut a single set. The tour did. Also, Police cut the encore. We just made sure everyone was safely leaving the venue."

The band have not released a statement at the time of writing, but did have the below Twitter exchange with the venue's account.

Slaves (US) released their latest album 'Beautiful Death' earlier this year.

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