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Reading + Leeds Sunday Review: Frank Iero, The Gaslight Anthem, Moose Blood + More

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 30 August 2015 at 17.59

All recovered from BMTHPTV and Co. yesterday? GOOD.

2235: There's nothing much like a While She Sleeps festival set, and that's where we're closing this weekend. Gav Lloyd was there for one final mosh.
"Does anyone do anthemic metal better than While She Sleeps? A packed tent full of people losing their minds would suggest not. With guest turns from the likes of Frank Carter and Caleb Shomo, WSS bring Reading to a battered and bruised finish in the best way imaginable."

2030: Have you seen these photos of Alexisonfire's comeback yet? So, so, so good.


1910: Want two galleries for the price of one (that's free)? Here's...

Photos of Moose Blood's all-conquering set.

And how about some shots of Awolnation pointing at things? Right here.

1850: Everybody needs a little Frank Iero in their life, right?


Look who it is...

A photo posted by rocksound (@rocksound) on

1845: FYI.

1830: See you around, The Gaslight Anthem.

1745: Against Me! on the main stage looked pretty epic. Check our full gallery here.

1730: Must. Not. Crowdsurf.

1710: A hoarse David McLaughlin reports back from Moose Blood's set.
"There's a delicious irony about hundreds of people screaming "I hope you're miserable" while having the best time ever, but that kind of sums up the appeal of the Moose Blood experience.

The unassuming Canterbury chaps specialise in affecting, feelings-filled rock music that strikes a chord if you've ever had your heart broken, regretted something or just been bummed out a bit. The singalongs are loud today, the feeling of community is lovely and this band are bound for big things. 
'Boston' closes the set and feels like a headline ending. For real. Fair play, lads."

1655: Not-so-subtle reminder that Bring Me The Horizon were amazing yesterday.

Check out our full gallery here.

1615: Can today get any more amazing?

1550: The Gaslight Anthem went out with a whimper today, according to Gav Lloyd.
"Sunday morning at a festival is emotional at the best of times, but a farewell set from The Gaslight Anthem has the potential to leave teary eyes all over the place. Unfortunately during their set it becomes apparent why they actually are going on hiatus. It's a performance from a band wearily going through the motions which is all too easy to feel apathetic about. It's a shame that it's not the heroes send-off they deserve."

1510: Photos of Lonely The Brave, you say? Right here.

1500: Please not today.

1430: Sounds like David McLaughlin had a great time watching Against Me!...
"Laura Jane Grace's mesh vest slogan reads 'Gender Is Over' with 'If You Want It' in small print underneath, riffing off the famous John Lennon Christmas hit. It's a searing sentiment and maybe one of the most punk rock statements ever made on a Reading stage. All other talking points aside, not enough has been made of Against Me! gradually growing into a <<great>> fucking band over the course of their career. A great punk rock band, a great rock band and an important one to boot.

There's a glorious abandon about their clang and clamour that shouldn't work in a context as huge as the Reading main stage but unexpectedly does, and the smirk on Laura Jane Grace's face as she delivers those crackling, caustic lyrics is a thing of joy to behold. 'True Trans Soul Rebel' sounds like the most important thing in the world for three minutes or so, 'White Crosses' sounds like lightning in a bottle and the whole set whizzes by in much the same vein throughout."

1410: Saw Pierce The Veil yesterday, didn't we?


Bumped into PTV yesterday...

A video posted by rocksound (@rocksound) on

1330: Feed The Rhino got a bit loud on the main stage a little earlier. Check out our gallery from their hellraising set.

1310: Our comprehensive review of Bring Me The Horizon's set from yesterday is here. Spoiler: we liked it. A lot.

1255: Oh hi, Lonely The Brave. We see you're making us feel things again.

1145: Reading Festival day three is about to kick off. Until then, you can catch up with all of the action from the last couple of days in our live blogs.

On Friday, we had All Time LowPanic! At The DiscoLimp Bizkit... LOADS. And it's all right here.

And Saturday? Just some little-known bands like Bring Me The HorizonPierce The VeilAlexisonfire...

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