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Reading & Leeds 2014: Sunday Review + Rolling Updates

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 24 August 2014 at 10.57

It's the third and final day of Reading & Leeds! We're going out with a bang today: Gnarwolves, Marmozets, The Hives, Wovenwar, Don Broco, Issues, Architects and Of Mice & Men are all to come. Phew! Missed the rest of the weekend's action? Catch up on Friday and Saturday's rolling review pages.

2210: Architects. Were. Incredible. Here. Are. Some. Words. From. Ryan. Bird.
"Every now and then, a band produces the sort of festival set that will live for years to come. A set that in some way, shape or form, will define at least a decent chunk of their legacy. Tonight, Architects produce one such set. In front of a rabid crowd that is practically at boiling point before the Brighton mob have even played a note, tonight they're not just good, they're stunning. A non-stop waterfall of bodies crashing over the barrier and a cacophony of voices filling every inch of the tent are impressive sights and sounds in their own right, but when combined with the colossal din flying out of the speakers it's a damn near terrifying cocktail. You can feel the electricity at each and every turn; a current that seems to shoot through each and every person present for the duration in a manner that is simply phenomenal. When a gigantic rendition of 'Follow The Water' reaches its conclusion, the sheer volume of the masses roaring the words back at vocalist Sam Carter is almost unbelievable, and you'd be hard pressed to find a single bum note from any person onstage over the entire 45 minutes. This is stunning, life-affirming stuff, the likes of which Leeds may not see again for quite some time. Absolutely. Fucking. Incredible."

2115: Ryan Bird wants an Issues tour like, right now. Here's what he made of their set earlier this evening.

"It's been nearly a full year since Issues made their UK debut, and we're still waiting for a proper headline tour. It's a fact that seems even more ridiculous after witnessing their set tonight, because by the time they bound onto the stage and slam through an electrifying 'Personality Cult', the tent is already a heaving, sweaty throng. They may still need to prove themselves to some, but to everybody present it's a task the sextet completed some time ago, as the likes of 'Sad Ghost' and a furious 'King Of Amarillo' see thousands of hands in the air. There's little in the way of between song banter and for a band with two frontmen they're going to need to up their game if they want to make people <<really>> lose their minds, but there's still plenty of pit fodder in songs like 'Stingray Affliction' and 'Love Sex Riot' as they cause two of the biggest jumping fits of the weekend to break out. Tonight, Issues have proved that they can pack out the tent; now it's time for them to pack out the venues."
Our full gallery of Issues is now up.

2100: So Issues are tearing Leeds a new one...

1835: Don Broco hit the Radio 1 stage a little while ago, and now they're off to record an album. Andy Biddulph reckons it can't come soon enough.
"Walking into a tent to find Don Broco orchestrating a huge pit is one of the better introductions of the weekend, but it isn't exactly the precursor to total mayhem it could've been. Plodding through their fourth Leeds set in as many years, the band break out a muddy 'Whole Truth' and surprisingly lacklustre newie 'Money, Power, Fame' before finally kicking into gear on a rousing 'Priorities', although even The Walk they bust out on that feels a little tired and hackneyed. Frontman Rob Damiani's childish shout of "Boobies!" doesn't help matters much (though neither does some lecherous camerawork, to be fair), but there are a few signs that this band are in desperate need of some new material. Although finale 'You Wanna Know' is catchy as ever, this half-hour feels a little like a Leeds Festival show too far, and on this showing, album number two really can't come soon enough."

1805: It sounds like Ryan Bird made up half the crowd for Wovenwar, but those who were there witnessed something pretty good, apparently.
"Let's not muck about: almost nobody is watching Wovenwar today. Boasting the emptiest soft-top since the circus last visited the Shetlands, The Pit stage will see far bigger crowds today, but it's hard to criticise too much when you consider that Wovenwar were put together in less than ideal circumstances. Sonically, things are just fine. Their distinctly metallic take on hard rock hits all the right notes, and they're unsurprisingly tight given that four fifths of the band have been playing together for over a decade, but the lack of any real atmosphere whatsoever makes it hard for their set to approach even third gear. Sure, there are people pumping their fists and hopping on the spot come the end, but overall it makes for a somewhat awkward spectacle. On another, much more metal stage (Download, anyone?) this could have been different."

1659: Andy Ritchie is back from The Hives out in the main arena. Are they still the feel-good festival staple we've come to know and love?
"It's hard to remember a time when The Hives weren't a guaranteed festival highlight. Their impeccable dress sense, precision-cut performances and Howlin' Pelle Almqvist's playfully arrogant master-of-ceremonies persona usually converge as 'weekend highlight' material, but today they seem to be up against it. From the off they do their damndest to connect with a waning audience, with Almqvist failing to hide his obvious frustration with the passive crowd in front of him. It takes their own hilarious turn on the old sit-down-jump-up routine ahead of the climactic 'Hate To Say I Told You So' to win over Leeds today, but by then, it's time to scoot off stage. The Hives did great today, it was Leeds that could've done better. "

1640: THERE'S A NINJA ONSTAGE WITH THE HIVES. He's playing the tambourine.

1610: Editor Ryan Bird just caught those Lower Than Atlantis chaps, and Mike Duce is poorly. Poor Mike Duce.
"Today might be low on 'rock' compared to the rest of the weekend, but it doesn't take long for Lower Than Atlantis to satisfy the hunger of anybody looking for a riff-based fix this afternoon. Starting things off with a note-perfect 'If The World Was To End', today they're on pretty decent form, locking in to each groove seamlessly. "I know it's Sunday, and I know you're all knackered, but you don't want those southern fairies at Reading showing you up, do you?" asks Mike Duce three songs into proceedings, and the jumping fit that follows during '(Motor)Way Of Life' suggests that those present certainly aren't up for finishing second. There's even time for a quick circle pit, and although the inclusion of 'Another Sad Song' does contrast heavily with the sunny weather, there are enough voices singing the words to prevent it ruining the mood. The frontman's voice giving way during a closing duo of 'English Kids In America' and 'Here We Go' does take the gloss off things, but for the most part today remains a victory. Good effort, lads."

Our Lower Than Atlantis gallery is right here, if you're after more LTA-related fun.

1602: Our photos from Marmozets' Radio 1 stage set earlier are now up. Click here for the full gallery.

1455: Look what's happening at Reading right now! Big You Me At Six. Teeny tiny BBC Introducing Stage.

1420: Andy Biddulph just got back from an impressive Marmozets set.
"It's as near to a hometown show as it gets for this Bingley five-piece, and while their set on the Radio 1 stage will likely pale in comparison to their slot 20 metres away on The Pit stage in the mayhem stakes, it serves as an impressive reminder of how far this band have come in such a short time. Backed by a rave's worth of lasers and punctuated by one of the tightest rhythm sections in rock, Becca Macintyre is in fine voice, and rages on 'Is It Horrible', shakes on 'Why Do You Hate Me?' and soars on 'Captivate You' in a display of just how versatile this band have become. The reception they're afforded is as good as can be expected considering their debut album 'The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets' isn't even out yet, but the few rows fist pumping along to 'Born Young & Free' indicate that when their first effort drop at the next month, Marmozets may well be able to do whatever they want."

1345: Look who we just ran into backstage. It's two of the Issues boys!

1230: Andy Ritchie is back from the first band of the day. And it's Gnarwolves.
"To say Gnarwolves arrive at Leeds a little out of their depth is an understatement. A basement punk band opening the main stage isn't something that happens every year, and Gnarwolves know this: vocalist Tom Weeks' cry of "This is a large crowd taking the piss out of one man, isn't it?" draws a roar of laughter from the dedicated Cru in attendance and makes clear very early on that they're doing this with more than a touch of self-awareness. Gnarwolves don't attempt to live up to any of the festival clichés, and are all the better for it. Instead, they power through the likes of 'Smoking Kills', 'History Is Bunk' and 'Community, Stability, Identity' with their usual gusto, and their warm humour pricks the attention of more than a few of the curious observers scattered further back in the field. With shit-eating grins from start to finish, the South Coast punks sound generally great today despite some obvious nerves - they're tight and Thom's gruff-punk vocals sound especially crisp out in the open air. This is more than just a job well done for Gnarwolves - today, they nail it."

Click here for the full Gnarwolves gallery

1100: It's Sunday. We're waiting for the festival to kick off for a final day, but here are some highlights from yesterday to check out while Leeds wakes up.

Paramore dominated their headline slot, and pretty much proved beyond all doubt that they're maybe, sort of, definitely the best band on the planet right now.

Those lads in Twin Atlantic looked great, and sounded even better.

Oh, and Sam McTrusty ran away from us :(.

Enter Shikari were very Enter Shikari...

And Deaf Havana waved at us from the back of a buggy. Hello, James.

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