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Reading And Leeds 2010: You Me At Six On The Go

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 29 August 2010 at 23.29

Touring, touring, touring and writing Brand New meets Jimmy Eat World meets Coldplay songs, You Me At Six are hectic right now!

You Me At Six singer Josh Franceschi has told Rock Sound that it's all go for the band right now.

"We've got two weeks off before we go to New Zealand for the first time," he said after the band's Main Stage slot at Reading 2010. "Then we're touring Australia and Japan, after that I think we'll start writing our new album in November and get ready to play our set in December."

"It kind of sucks how the industry is now as you can't tour an album for two years anymore,"
he continued. "You've got to keep bringing new stuff out because there are just so many bands out there. It's all good in the end, it just makes you more available to people."

Journalism 101 dictates that when a band says they are writing (or will be writing) new material you must ask them what aforesaid material will sound like. Franceschi gave us his take on the emerging sound:

"I took in one of my songs to practice and we've kinda made it into a proper song. It's Taking Back Sunday in the 'Where You Want To Be' era and you hear that straight away. A lot of the new stuff is quite slow at the moment, it has a very Brand New meets Jimmy Eat World meets Coldplay vibe. We just need to speed it up a little bit!"


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