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Reading And Leeds 2010: Pendulum Talk Soiled Pants

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 27 August 2010 at 17.48

Pendulum bassist Gareth McGrillen talks Axl Rose conspiracy theories and pant soiling festival experiences.

Pendulum will be headlining the Radio One Stage later on today in Leeds and, like many bands appearing at the festival over the weekend, they too have a theory about what was really behind the sudden cancellation (and subsequent un-cancellation) of Guns N'Roses' headline slot on Main Stage.

"I think these days if you trace any catastrophic event back far enough you eventually find that it's caused by the oil crisis or the Taliban," bassist Gareth McGrillen tells Rock Sound. "Maybe Axl is too busy fighting the war on terror?"

Now there's a thought.

The arrival of Reading and Leeds always means the end of the festival season is nigh, for Pendulum the summer highlight was their appearance at Sonisphere.

"That festival was intense for us," he continues. "Supporting Iron Maiden in front of metal heads was both pant-soiling and career-fulfilling at the same time. It’s a strange sensation but we're glad we did it and were invited to be there."

Now there's another thought.

Catch Pendulum watching Cancer Bats and Atari Teenage Riot before their set today, for coverage of the festival stay close to our Twitter @rocksound, Facebook page and The band's new single 'The Island' is out September 19.

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