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Reading And Leeds 2010: All Time Low Have New Record In The Bag

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 1 September 2010 at 14.57

The band's new album is 'pretty much done' according to the conversation Rock Sound had with lead singer Alex Gaskarth at Reading 2010.

All Time Low have moved from Hopeless Records to Interscope, they have recorded fourteen new songs and, if all goes well, a new album should be out in January.

Expecting another slice of polished pop rock? You may just be disappointed.

"For what it was the last record we did was great but I thought we went a bit too far in one direction'" singer Alex Gaskarth told Rock Sound earlier today at Reading 2010. "I think we went too pop for our band, that isn't to say there aren't a lot of pop elements on our new record but the overall production of this album was focused on a rock sound [no pun intended - Pun Ed]. We stripped a lot of the bells and whistles out this time and I think the songs are better off for it. It's a new opportunity to try and change the way people think about our band, I'm excited."

The songs are currently being mixed by Neal Avron, expect a single before the end of the year if everything runs according to plan.

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