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PVRIS: “This Next Record Will Not Sound Hopeful Or Optimistic”

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 15 February 2017 at 16.58

This is interesting.

PVRIS have spoken about the lyrics and themes of their upcoming second record, which is finished

In an interview with NME, vocalist Lynn Gunn said:

"It’s in the final stages, the recording process is completed. Everything is being mixed and mastered while the visuals, theme, etc are being planned and created.”

"Looking back, I can assure you that ‘dark place’ was nothing compared to where I found myself during and after the ['White Noise'] record cycle (hint: it got worse)."

“This next record will not sound hopeful or optimistic, at least in a blatantly obvious manner, and I’m not quite sure if our music ever fully will. I think it will always possess some sort of pensive and melancholy undertones, they just might take different forms and themes."

"That being said, I think there are ways to find growth and constructiveness through the times and situations we label as negative, even more so than “positive” ones, it’s just all a matter of perspective.”

"[Lyrically] it’s about finding myself in an even darker place and the overall process, people and experiences that happened through that.”

Asked about the impact of Donald Trump's election as U.S. President on the band's writing, Lynn added:

"...I think it’s stirred up both a look inward and outward for a lot of people. This is a time of heightened anger, fear, sadness and more than ever, people are looking for something to latch onto in any way – whether that’s on the most personal levels or the broadest."

“Everything on this record was written before the election and inauguration, and it was written from incredibly personal areas of my life and mind; but current events have definitely made me take a deeper look into those subjects and emotions.  I’ve realized how much can be expanded and translated onto a much larger scale. I think this next record can be taken into either context, an internal reflection or external."

“It’s absolutely fired me up and I can only hope it will do the same for others when they hear it.”

"I dislike hypocrisy in any environment. But it happens, humans can be giant walking contradictions even on the smallest of subjects. The world is in a very volatile state but I think in time, most likely after much more confusion and chaos unfortunately, it will find it’s balance again. I truly think that humanity as a whole is capable of working together to reach that, slowly but surely."

"While all the negative and dividing factors have been so apparent lately, unity and fire and compassion are just as apparent, which gives me so much hope. I’ve just been trying to look at it that way.”

As for the sound of the new record?

“I don’t want to give away too much, but I believe it is much broader and opened up in all aspects – sonically, lyrically, and visually. I really hate to say it’s more ‘mature’ but we wrote ‘White Noise’ when I was 19 and we have all changed so much and experienced so much in the past 3 years at such a quick and intense rate, the music definitely reflects that.”

She also shared her thoughts on Bring Me The Horizon.

“Bring Me The Horizon have always been a band that aren’t afraid to push boundaries and evolve while still remaining true to their core entity. Their fan base has grown with them, and has always been incredibly receptive and enthusiastic towards that and it’s amazing to witness. I think our band has the same mentality and confidence in taking risks and following our tastes with what we wish to create, as long as it remains cathartic and real, perhaps that is what their fans have picked up on.”

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