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PUP Have Quite Possibly Made The Video Of The Year

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 25 September 2014 at 12.04

Well, that's one way to bid farewell to your trusty old vehicle...

Canadian noise-punks PUP have just brought out one of the most emotional videos of recent times. Vocalist Stefan's beloved car Mabu is on its last legs; as its grand send-off, it is entered into a demolition derby. The video chronicles the painstakingly delicate preparation required (dropping a TV on its boot lid and taking a hammer to the windows) and concludes with the derby itself and a heartbreaking funeral service. Oh, by the way... Wade MacNeil (Gallows, ex-Alexisonfire) is the priest officiating the funeral of the deceased automobile. *Sniff*

It's great that the car's resident chamelon makes it out alive, even if poor Mabu doesn't. BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE THE TURTLES AND THE GOLDFISH? :(

Regardless, RIP Mabu (1996-2014). We hope you're chilling in the great garage in the sky.

'PUP', the band's scuzzy self-titled debut LP, is out now on SideOneDummy.

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