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Premiere: Whitney Peyton ‘Figured It Out’ Featuring Ben Bruce And Kevin Thrasher

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 28 March 2018 at 15.30

It's rock meets rap, and it's pretty awesome.

We love when genres cross-over, here at Rock Sound. Which is why we're pretty jazzed to share with you the premiere of a brand new single from American rapper Whitney Peyton. Normally we wouldn't be bending over backwards to bring you a song like this, but we think 'Figured It Out' is a vibe.

The song features both Ben Bruce from Asking Alexandria and Kevin Thrasher from Escape The Fate. It's a true scene cross-over. One might even call it the most ambitious cross-over event in history.

We asked both Ben and Kevin what it was like recording a song so outside the norm for them. Ben was pretty into it, stating "It’s always fun collaborating with friends! I had a blast laying down some pop vocals over this monstrously catchy song".  

Kevin, who co-wrote the track had this to say “It was an absolute pleasure to co-write 'Figured It Out' with Ben Bruce and Whitney Peyton. We blended hip-hop with huge guitars and drums on the production paired with insanely hooky vocals! What more could you ask for? This song is sure to make its way on everyone's playlist this year for the break out artist Whitney Peyton!” 

With endorsements like that, how can you not be excited? 

Check out the world premiere for Whitney Peyton's new single 'Figured It Out' featuring Ben Bruce and Kevin Thrasher below:

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