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Please Welcome The Maine To The Cover Of Rock Sound!

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 29 March 2019 at 17.00

You are okay.

Please welcome The Maine to the cover of Rock Sound, and experience their spectacular ‘Live At The Orpheum’ EP - recorded at the Orpheum Theatre in their hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.

Limited to just 1,000 copies, The Maine 'Live At The Orpheum' CD features spectacular reworkings of ‘Slip The Noose’, ‘Numb Without You’, ‘(Un) Lost’, ‘Broken Parts’ and ‘Flowers On The Grave’.

The only way to get a copy of The Maine's 'Live At The Orpheum' EP is by ordering one of the three exclusive packs from

We've worked together with The Maine to put together some super exclusive packs just for you, featuring The Maine's 'Live At The Orpheum' EP, hand-signed poster prints, exclusive The Maine lined notebooks, exclusive OK tote bags and more.

You can get your ULTIMATE COLLECTORS' PACK, SAND FAN PACK and SKY FAN PACKS with exclusive cover variants, hand-signed poster prints and so much more with worldwide shipping from SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV now.

In the Ultimate Collectors' Pack you get:
- WORLD EXCLUSIVE 'Live At The Orpheum' CD
- Physical newsstand and online exclusive magazines
- Hand-signed poster print
- Special letter, written by John O'Callaghan
-  Exclusive 'You Are OK' studio photo book
-  Bonus 'Live At The Orpheum' photo book

In the Sand Fan Pack you get:
WORLD EXCLUSIVE 'Live At The Orpheum' CD
- Exclusive The Maine lined notebook
- 'You Are OK' yellow pencil
- Online exclusive physical magazine variant

In the Sky Fan Pack you get:
- WORLD EXCLUSIVE 'Live At The Orpheum' CD
- Exclusive OK sky blue tote bag
- Bespoke three pin badge pack
- Physical magazine


Orders are due to be dispatched from Friday, April 05.

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