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Pianos Become The Teeth Talk New Album

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 8 February 2011 at 12.24

Baltimore screamo heroes are gearing up to record their second full-length ahead of impending UK tour with Suis La Lune

Now this is good news: Pianos Become The Teeth land in the UK in April for their first-ever tour on these shores, and they'll already have their second album recorded by then.

'Old Pride' (Topshelf Records) was one of our favourite albums of last year, and the Baltimore hardcore mob have already been hard at work on its follow-up.

Frontman Kyle Durfey told Rock Sound: "Our goal is to record in March, so the album won’t be out by the time we’re in the UK but we’ll play two or three new ones.”

“We’ve all got a lot of things we want to say with this record and we’ve all gone through a lot this year. It’s been really rough for a lot of us, but the main theme is of people leaving your life, either passing away or growing apart and going separate ways. It’ll touch on different subjects but people leaving is the basic theme. My father passed away in April and I don’t want the entire record to be saturated with what’s going on with me, but the reason I write lyrics is to get what I’m feeling out there, so there will be songs about how losing my father has affected my outlook on life, and other people who you used to be close to…”

"With ‘Old Pride’ I wrote lyrics for the songs, but with our new record I have eight or nine pieces already done. I wasn’t even writing with the idea that there’d be a record, I was doing it just to write because I wanted to get my thoughts across. Our new record will be a lot more straightforward, and sometimes I worry that I’m writing too much but at the same time I don’t have anything to hide. I’m in a band so people can relate.”

For more on Pianos Become The Teeth, check out next month's issue of Rock Sound - onsale March 02.

Check them out with Suis La Lune on the following dates:

CANTERBURY Chantry Social Club (12)
BRIGHTON Hydrant (13)
LONDON Purple Turtle (14)
GLASGOW Nice N Sleazy (15)
LEEDS Well (16)

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