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Pete Wentz On Fall Out Boy’s ‘Yule Shoot Your Eye Out’: “Maybe That Was A Bit Overdramatic”

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 21 December 2018 at 10.42

It's an anthem for the fervently anti-Christmas, but the sentiment of frontman Pete Wentz has changed.

It's the most festive time of the year. But if you aren't feeling particularly Christmassy- Fall Out Boy have a song for that.

The classic 'Yule Shoot Your Eye Out' wraps up a loathing for a middle-class, suburban holiday with a hefty dose of heart break- the culmination of which has resulted in what can only be described as the saltiest Christmas song ever committed to tape. The savagery of the lyrics "don't come home for Christmas- you're the last thing I want to see underneath the tree" followed by "Merry Christmas, I could care less" have just the right amount of loathing for the season, the person who broke your heart, and non-chalance for the seasoon. It's a classic for a reason.

Talking to Noisey about Fall Out Boy's Christmas offering, frontman Pete Wentz revealed about his hatred of Christmas "Maybe that was a bit overdramatic. I don't think it was awful. I think monotonous would be a better word. I think when you are a punk rock kid in the suburbs, the holidays represent the biggest version of the monoculture. How could you not take a shot at it? When we were recording From Under The Cork Tree we would make a band Christmas card that said 'Christmas is Cancelled.' What is more funny than saying that?"

But he doesn't minimise the impact that the festive season can have on mental health, sharing "holidays like Christmas tend to magnify how you are feeling in your head... if you feel lonely, it feels bigger and darker than on other days." He continues that he remembers feeling like an outsider during the Christmas season- "not feeling like I was on the inside of whatever was happening in the lit houses as I walked by them, not feeling like I was a part of a thing."

It's not all bad though- in the decade and a half since the release of 'Yule Shoot Your Eye Out', things have changed for Pete. He's now a family man- with three kids. "Now I get to be Santa, which gives you a whole other perspective," he shared. "I think trying to make sure it's fun and you are creating traditions for your kids without going full Elf on the Shelf dad has been the mission for me."

And with all that said, let's give it another spin:

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