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Pendulum Have Announced The Details Of A UK Trinity Performance

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 7 April 2021 at 10.44

You don't want to miss this.

Pendulum have announced the details of a UK event taking place this summer. 

The band in their Trinity form, which is Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul ‘El Hornet’ Harding, will be headlining at the Drumsheds in London on August 13. 

They will be joined by Hybrid Minds and DJ Fresh

It is guaranteed to be incredible. 

Pre-sale tickets are set to be live tomorrow (April 08) from 12pm right HERE

The band released their first new music in a decade last year in the form of the two tracks. 

They were 'Driver':

And 'Nothing For Free':

We chatted to the band all about their return when the tracks dropped. You can read the full piece HERE, but here's a little snippet:

How did you then go about approaching making new music? What was the thought process like for that?
Rob: “I think we twisted ourselves in knots a little bit initially. We have been gone for ten years, so what the fuck does that sound like now? First of all, what does Pendulum actually sound like, because we can’t remember? And we’re ten years older and drum and bass has always been a little bit of a love/hate thing for us. Pendulum is from that scene and we still listen to some of that stuff, but after three or four tracks even we are like, ‘Oh god, shut up’. It all boiled down to actually figuring out what it sounds like and then completely ignoring that and doing whatever the fuck we actually wanted. At some point I just thought, ‘You know what Pendulum sounds like? It sounds exactly like whatever we get out of bed and decide we want to do’. If we do that, it will sound like Pendulum. And luckily it did.”

How did your time being out there in the world with Knife Party affect this when it came to putting together new music then? What did being in that world teach you?
Rob: “The house music and the dance music is a lot more chilled than the drum and bass scene, I’ll tell you that. Everyone is just really pleasant. There’s no scene beef or aggro or anything. Everyone is just so nice to each other, even if you’re competing with them. It was a really nice change of pace. None of that was really much of an issue when we were getting to the end of Pendulum because we were playing more of the rock line-ups but it was much nicer.”

On the subject of ten years ago, what do you remember about that jump from the drum and bass scene into the rock scene? What was it like from your end?
Rob: “[As I said] there was this whole love and hate thing with drum and bass for us at the time. Around [Debut album] ‘Hold Your Colour’, Pendulum was a darling of the drum and bass scene as this brand new thing. But we just said, Fuck off, we’re going to go and do this thing’. Typically drum and bass vocals were more like soul and RnB and diva style. We were saying, ‘Nah fuck that. We like Tool and Muse and want to do something like that’. Then drum and bass fans were like, ‘How the fuck is Andy C supposed to play that?’”

Gareth: “And we said, ‘He won’t. We will and we will play it live.’”

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