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Patrick Stump On Being Asked To Write The Theme For Spidey & His Amazing Friends: “I Got So Excited”

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 3 August 2021 at 10.13

Everything about this is so lovely.

This Friday (August 06) Spidey and His Amazing Friends will be premiering on Disney Junior. The first Marvel project created especially for preschoolers, it also features a theme song written and recorded by Mr Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy.

It absolutely slaps.

In preparation for the series dropping, Patrick has been talking about the project with Screen Rant, and it sounds like it was an absolute dream come true.

When asked about how he got involved, he had this to say:

"I've been basically begging my friends at Disney to have a chance to do something for years. The first time I ever did anything with them was probably over a decade [ago] when the band did a re-recording of a song for Nightmare Before Christmas. Basically, as soon as I got anyone's ear over there, I was like, "I want to score. I really want to score film or TV, anything!" And I got an email one day that was like, 'I think I have something you can try out for. You should give it a shot.'

"The morning of the meeting, I got an email just letting me know what the show was going to be, what it was going to be about, and what the characters were. I was kind of taking it slow, so I was still in my pajamas. I opened up my phone, I looked at this, and I got so excited. I wrote the song pretty much in 10 minutes in my head, just reading the thing, I was like, "It should sound like this!" And then I'm scrambling to put on real clothes and drive over to the studio, humming guitar parts into my voice notes at the stoplight.

"Basically, by the time I got to the meeting, I had a fully recorded song. And this is the first time they're meeting me, this was the "get to know you" thing. I was like, "I have something," and it ended up being one of those magic things that doesn't happen that often. But sometimes as a creative person, every so often you have one of those things where it just is exactly right. Your first thought is exactly right. So, I played them the song that I wrote that morning, and it's pretty much what you hear in the show now."

He also had this to say about doing new things and keeping things fresh whilst also maintaining his Fall Out Boy image:

"It's kind of been a blessing and a curse, but I just can't seem to do the “character.” Some artists are really good at being the superhero or being the character. I can kind of do it on stage where, for an hour and a half, I'm not this desperately anxious nerd. I can do it for just that long, and then I'm done as soon as I'm offstage. I've never really had to contrive the thing, in a way, and I think I would suck at it if I had to.

"In Fall Out Boy, I'm writing the music, but I've always been an interpreter. I'm interpreting Pete's lyrics. I think that really primed me for score work because you're helping somebody else tell their story. You're using your music to help somebody else tell the story, and that's something that I'm naturally drawn to and want to do.

"Even though, musically, a lot of the things that I do when scoring - whether it's this show or a horror movie or a romantic comedy - sound completely different than Fall Out Boy, it's still the same motivation. Somebody else has a story they want to tell that needs music. And I'm the guy; I'm here to help."

Isn't he the absolute best?

And here is the theme song that he has produced. Be warned, it will get stuck in your head:


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