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Parkway Drive Are Heading Out On A UK Headline Tour

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 11 June 2018 at 10.32

And they're playing some pretty big venues. 

Parkway Drive have announced their first UK headline tour since the release of their latest album 'Reverence'. The tour sees them playing some of the biggest venues they've done in the UK.


29 - MANCHESTER O2 Apollo
31 - NOTTINGHAM Motorpoint Arena


01 - CARDIFF Motorpoint Arena
02 - LONDON Alexandra Palace

Tickets are on sale this Friday June 15 at 10am. 

We had a chat with Parkway Drive frontman Winston McCall about 'Reverence', here's a taster:

How has the way that the band has grown over the years influenced the way that you approach making and producing music?
It’s been really interesting. It’s the kind of thing that has happened really organically in the sense of an upward trajectory. It’s been really nice. It’s not just like this moment where that single comes out and you’re playing massive rooms. It’s just been us playing our songs and writing our music and proving ourselves on that. It’s kept us going, as things have been getting bigger. We walk through one door; hang around in that room for a bit, then all of a sudden the next-door opens and we go through. We just keep coming and opening doors. Sonically, it got to the point where we had been doing one thing for 10 years and we didn’t want to just keep rehashing. We wanted to do something different. Then you notice playing in 5000+ capacity rooms, playing an hour and a half people were fucking dead after half an hour. I’m still going "MOSH, MOSH, MOSH" and people are like "nah, can’t". Then a fast song just gets lost. Now we have the opportunity to venture into another realm where people aren’t tired. It’s using a different sonic technique where all of a sudden you have a wall of sound that can be heavier than the heaviest thing you thought you had written because of the sheer push of it. Also, first and foremost we are a live band. When you can put your stuff on stage and not just have people hear a show but also feel the heat of the show, or be scared by something at the show or blinded and stuck in the dark and feeling claustrophobic. All of these things that make that soundtrack so much more intense.

You have recently been celebrating the 10-year anniversary of 'Horizons' too- how did it feel playing that era on a completely different scale to when it was written?
It was really fun. As soon as we start playing songs live I stop listening to the record. So when I was listening back to this I understood why people really liked it. It wasn’t me looking back going ‘yeah this is perfect’. It was really fun to play because we expected it to be a nostalgic thing. We did it because we knew how much that record meant to people and it would be fun for us to do something different. We expected to be like it was back then with people wearing their board shorts and it really wasn’t. We were playing the songs as the people we are now, tighter and harder than we ever have before. It felt modern and it felt like those songs were modern as well.

Check out our full chat here.

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