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Parkway Drive Are Back With ‘Prey’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 24 April 2018 at 15.14

With less than two weeks until 'Reverence' drops, Parkway Drive have given us another taste of the album.

The video is huge, and captures the essence of Parkway Drive live, and the song itself is full of dramatic intensity and gang-vocals. Ultimately, it's incredible.

Watch Parkway Drive's video for 'Prey' below:

We recently caught up with Parkway Drive's Winston McCall to talk all things 'Reverence', and he got incredibly real with us. Check out some of our chat below:

What does 'Reverence' represent?
‘Reverence’ is basically making the most of what you have and the time you have, and being conscious of it. It’s quite simply that. It comes from a very dark place and the revelation of that came from a very dark place too. It’s the fact that what you have can be gone very quickly. You have no idea how fast it can all come crashing down. It’s simply taking the time to realise just what you have because at the end of the day, time is the only thing that’s worth anything. You can’t buy it.

Because of where this album has come from, when you were putting the foundations in did these events change everything?
To a degree, yeah. Very early on we were like let’s just write whatever the hell we want. ‘Ire’ was written in a way where we were searching for reinvention. It was really difficult and stressful. It was breaking our old walls down and forging something new out of it for us. Trying to find what we really liked and what we still loved and fusing the two together. It was going somewhere too scary for us too. So this time around coming off the back of ‘Ire’, which is the most successful thing we’ve ever created, it was just us saying that we’re going to do whatever the fuck we want. It was really awesome and it made writing the album really easy musically. We were so terrified. The band became far more successful than we ever hoped, and we were like ‘shit do we stop now’. ‘Vice Grip’ was the "what the fuck" moment, then the rest of it everyone was like "yeah I get it". This record though, there is far more variation but there isn’t going to be anything that shocks anyone. Parkway Drive is still there but we are there in a far different way. 

Parkway Drive are releasing their new album 'Reverence' on May 4th through Epitaph. Find out all the info here.

See the full gallery from Parkway Drive's intimate London show at The Underworld last month here.

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