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Paramore Announce PARAHOY! Cruise For March 2014

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 22 August 2013 at 20.26

A cruise with Paramore. And Tegan And Sara. To the Bahamas. This is actually real life.

Paramore have just announced that between March 7 and 11, 2014, they're going on a cruise. To the Bahamas. For four days. With Tegan and Sara. And you can come too.

Head over to for the full details, but basically you get:

A four night luxury cruise with Paramore, leaving from Miami with a stop at their very own private island in the Bahamas.
2 Paramore shows on the pool deck.
Q&A with Paramore on the deck.
Activities with each band member.
Autograph commemorative cruise print.
Dozens of concerts from other bands.
Loads of other stuff.

Prices start at $650, with deposits at $150, and full details are expected soon.


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