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Paper Mill Have Announced Their Debut EP

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 1 June 2020 at 13.37

And they've released a new single to go along with it.

After a string of singles, Paper Mill, the new band featuring ex-Lower Than Atlantis guitarist Ben Sansom, have announced the details of debut EP. 

It's called 'Past The West Way' and will be released June 26. 

Along with the announcement comes a new song as well. That's 'Black Mirror' and it comes with a video to boot. 

Vocalist Matt Rider had this to say about the track:

“Black mirror is about the cynical dishonesty that seems to have slowly made itself acceptable and at home in our lives. It's about the divide between what we feel is real and what we're told us real. It's there to see in politics, on social media, it even seems to be starting to creep into our day to day lives. But like the chorus asks, 'would it take something to change? Would it take someone to choose?'

"Maybe this current situation we find ourselves is the change and it's up to us to choose whether we want to continue going along with the nonsense, or whether we're ready to see what's actually real and just be honest about how we're feeling. It's something that has had an impact on the whole EP really.

"We wanted to make something honest and straight up, both musically and lyrically. Nothing is dressed up or trying to too hard to put any particular image or idea across. To us we tried to keep it almost conversational, as if you're talking to a friend. No airs or graces, no pretense, just a good chat with a mate.”

And he had this to say about creating the video:

“We had to get a bit creative with how we could make a video for this one because obviously we can't all get together at the moment. And actually, I think it's come out better for it. We all filmed our bits on our phones and sent it to our friend Joe who put it all together. We wanted to do something that created that uneasy feeling between being told one thing, but knowing the truth is something else.

"Even if you can't vocalise it, it's just that unsettling feeling that something just isn't right. The world is unsettling and it's obviously a particularly unsettling time. Being gaslighted by certain powerful cretins is just adding to that. We wanted to make something that reflected how we were feeling.”

Have a little watch here:

And to get you all caught up, here's 'Get Real':

And here's 'Bruce':

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