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Papa Roach Respond To Crapping Controversy

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 22 April 2009 at 01.20

Jacoby Shaddix contacts Rock Sound to give his opinion on a recent mosh-pit misfortune.

On Friday Rock Sound disclosed the details of a rather nasty incident that involved Papa Roach, a mosh pit and the Manchester Academy after receiving an email from a troubled attendee of the concert. Rock Sound duly reported, the story quickly traveled far and wide and thus Poogate was born.

In fact, the story made it as far as the band and Papa Roach vocalist Jacoby Shaddix recently emailed us to give his reaction to the phantom mosh-pit crapper:

''Fucking hell - this story is hilarious,'' he admitted. ''The first we heard about this was when we were asked about it during an interview, the funny thing is that we did an interview before the UK gigs and Tobin said 'bring your diapers because we are going to rock the shit out of you'. It looks like it really happened!''

The Poogate controversy deepens, more as we uncover it (not literally of course, that would be disgusting).

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