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Papa Roach Bring The Shit, Literally

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 17 April 2009 at 18.43

What gigs have you taken / would like to take a dump at? Papa Roach it would seem...

We have just received the following email, possibly the best ever:

Hi Rock Sound, I just thought I’d let you know that last night, at the Papa Roach show in Manchester, somebody did a shit at the back of the mosh-pit! About halfway through Papa Roach’s set, everybody started commenting on how bad the smell was. I guess it was like someone had farted or something, but it was MUCH worse. All of a sudden there was a massive gap in the crowd and my friend told me that someone had actually done a shit! I turned around and saw this guy with cleaning materials wiping it up!!! Thank God I didn’t step on it. I don’t think the band were aware of it, I didn’t hear them tell people to do it anyway, I think this person just decided he needed to shit. I have no idea whether people were skidding in it or whether there was wiping action.

Incredible. We obviously needed to check that this was true, so Rock Sound asked Neil Mahony (of Amplifier fame), who was helping out at the show. This is what he had to say:

"I can confirm the Papa Roach story. The smell was dreadful and the security were livid. As far as I know, the guy never got caught. Stealth shit."

What shows have you taken a dump at, or which ones would you like to? We want to hear from you! Email in to [email protected]

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