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Panic! At The Disco’s Stolen ‘Victorious’ Robe And Award Still Haven’t Been Returned

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 25 September 2018 at 14.33

Come on, guys.

In case you missed it, on Panic! At The Disco's most recent North American tour they hosted a special fan VIP experience which involved a curated museum called 'House Of Memories'.

The museum was made up of a whole lot of important memorabilia, dating back to day one of Panic! At The Disco, all pulled from the private collections of Brendon Urie and long-time road manager and best friend Zack Hall.

Items like one-off polaroids, awards and props from music videos were all on display for fans, every night of the tour. 

But some fans had to ruin it for everyone. Zack, the person who hosts the House Of Memories segment of the VIP experience, took to Twitter last month to share that someone had stolen a priceless polaroid from the exhibit.

But it managed to find its way back to him, somehow...

Over the course of the rest of the tour though, more items went missing. Items including the robe that Brendon wears in the 'Victorious' video, and an award won by Panic! At The Disco.

While it was hoped that these items would be returned by posting them to Brendon's P.O. Box, Zack has taken to Twitter overnight to share that sadly, neither of the pieces have been returned. 

If you happen to come across either of these pieces and want to make Brendon and Zack very very happy, you can send them to Brendon's P.O. Box:
901 N Fairfax Ave.
#176 Los Angeles
CA 90046-7203 

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