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Panic! At The Disco’s ‘High Hopes’ Has Been The Number One Hot Rock Song For An Entire Year

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 14 January 2020 at 15.39

It's kind of hard to quantify how big of an achievement this is.

It's been one year of having 'High Hopes' for Panic! At The Disco!

Their megahit of a single 'High Hopes' has been number one in the Billboard Hot Rock Songs Chart now for 52 consecutive weeks. 'High Hopes' first hit the number one spot on the chart back in early November 2018, and Panic! At The Disco have held the top spot since then, with 'High Hopes' being temporarily dethroned by 'Hey Look Ma, I Made It' for a few weeks in 2019. 

Overall, Panic! At The Disco have held on to the number one slot on the Hot Rock Songs Chart for a mindblowing 62 weeks - making them literally the only artist to be at number one in 2019.

And Panic! still show no signs of being dethroned yet, holding both the number one and two spots on the chart. 

A monumentally huge effort!

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