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Panic! At The Disco Have A Brand New Song On The Soundtrack For Frozen 2

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 30 September 2019 at 16.13

Hey look ma, I'm frozen!

Oh, you thought that Panic! At The Disco's current down-time meant no new music from them? SURPRISE!

Panic! At The Disco have just announced that they have a brand new track, 'Into The Unknown', featuring on the upcoming sequel to Disney's Frozen. The track is originally performed by Idina Menzel (who voices Elsa) in the film, and is reprised by Brendon and co for the end credits.

Frozen 2 is set to be in cinemas worldwide from November 22, but the soundtrack drops on November 15. If you're planning on seeing Frozen 2 in theatres, you'll want to stick around for the credit roll to hear this bad boy in person.

Who would win in a sing-off? Elsa or Brendon? (Brendon. Absolutely Brendon, every single time).

Frozen 2 have also recruited Weezer for a song on the soundtrack as well, which was announced earlier today.

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