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Palaye Royale Have Revealed The Details Of The First Volume Of Their ‘The Bastards’ Graphic Novel

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 2 November 2020 at 15.55

It's finally here!

After years of hard work and teasing, Palaye Royale have now revealed that their graphic novel 'The Bastards Vol.01' will be released on December 12. 

The result of three years of planning and drawing by drummer Emerson Barrett and XoBillie, it's quite the spectacle. 

Here's a little synopsis for the book:

Embark upon the story of three brothers waking up along the shoreline of doom. Undergoing the process of rebuilding themselves from nothing. Only to realize their memories and sense of self has completely vanished. Where do the lost go when no one wants them?

“I would truly be overjoyed if I could tell you that, after that day, things got better. But then I would be lying to you. And I won’t lie. I am sorry, I won’t be sparing you my honesty. I won’t protect you with lies. At some point, you will cover your ears, close your eyes and wish I lied.”

How do you deal with losing your whole sense of self?

In the end of summer in 1875, three brothers begin to question the root of their own identity and where they came from. Seven years later in a mysterious town, the clues to their past start to unravel. And the past they have been searching for turns out it has been searching for them as well.

The world is a cruel master but it does not lie, and the truth will always in the end be revealed.

In this world you must rise from the ashes of your previous self and ultimately undergo a metamorphosis in the process."

And here's a little note from Emerson on the finished product:

“Without literature, art and music this world would be too melancholy to bare. In my own life, I need art to escape and to accurately display my thoughts. This is ultimately how I communicate. Every day is an opportunity to explore more of your mind. Go past the urges of self-destruction and adopt self admiration. To find salvation, one must create a sanctuary. I hope this book becomes a safe place for you just as much as it has become for me. Creating this world was a spiritual process, parts of my soul are embedded into the work. Enjoy.”

The band have offered up a little glimpse into what the book looks like on the outside and inside:

You can pick up both the hardcover and softcover from right HERE right now. 

If that wasn't enough, the band have also revealed that they will be releasing a video for 'Tonight Is The Night I Die' on November 13. 

Check out a teaser below:

'The Bastards' was released back in May via Sumerian. 

Here's 'Lonely':

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