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Palaye Royale Have Revealed The Album Artwork For ‘Boom Boom Room Side B’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 27 July 2018 at 09.41

The teasing continues!

Only a week on from the release of the highly anticipated first single off Palaye Royale's 'Boom Boom Room Side B', more details about the album are coming to light.

While no official announcement of a release date has been made yet, the lads have taken to twitter to tease fans who are on the edge of their seats over 'Boom Boom Room Side B'.

Taking to twitter overnight, Palaye tweeted "Soldiers of the Royal Council - We are very excited to share with you the album artwork of 'Boom Boom Room: Side B'. We spent countless hours with photographer Sam Shapiro in efforts to capture this. What do you believe the meaning behind this photograph is? x". 

Palaye Royale guitarist Sebastian Danzig followed up the tweet with added commentary of his own, posting "Palaye Royale had a vision to create a statement through photography and Sam Shapiro truly captured our thoughts. “As kids we were too stubborn to come up for air now forever lost boys floating around - in need of nothing besides one another.”"

The photo features the band submerged under water, in their typical dapper suits, having a tea party. It's pretty brilliant. 

They've also revealed the track listing of 'Boom Boom Room Side B':

Start hyping for 'Boom Boom Room Side B' now, because 'You'll Be Fine' is an absolute banger:

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