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Palaye Royale Have Dropped Their Video For ‘Massacre, The New American Dream’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 9 December 2019 at 10.06

“People are dying and no one’s doing anything about it" - Remington Leith.

Last month Palaye Royale dropped their political new single 'Massacre, The New American Dream', with proceeds benefitting gun reform charities in America. 

Speaking of the track in their Rock Sound cover story, frontman Remington Leith shared, “People are dying and no one’s doing anything about it, I feel like no one’s really talking about it. You can say, ‘Fuck the NRA’ and all this shit, but it’s still fucking happening every goddamn day.”

Sebastian Danzig added, "It’s straight to the point about gun violence. It’s targeting everything that’s happening - and we’re just not beating around the bush."

Over the weekend, Palaye Royale dropped the official video fro 'Massacre, The New American Dream' - check it out below:

'Massacre, The New American Dream' is the fourth single from Palaye Royale's upcoming album 'The Bastards' - read the full story of their new era inside Rock Sound:


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