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Palaye Royale’s Emerson Barrett Releases Personal New Video

James Wilson-Taylor
James Wilson-Taylor 16 November 2018 at 10.19

The drummer gives fans a look inside his mind.

Palaye Royale drummer Emerson Barrett has released a short video which he describes as a "digital exhibition of my mind".

Writing on YouTube, Barrett explains that he enjoys the opportunity to opens up about his life to fans:

"I enjoy being an open book to the world and to show my trials and tribulations. One of my goals in this existence is to prove you only need to listen to yourself in order to find significance in this life. You are not bound to any parent, teacher, religious figure, friend or enemy. Your soul is infinite. Please find a quiet place to watch this video. Use headphones and disappear into the void. Allow yourself to float downstream past my subconscious dreams. Remember, pain is a sign of progression. You were put on earth to create heaven. Love the void."

Watch the video below:

Palaye Royale recently wrapped up a huge tour of the UK. Their second album, 'Boom Boom Room Side B' was released earlier this year.

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