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Oxymorrons Have Released A Boisterous New Track

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 11 January 2021 at 11.54

Get some 'Green Vision'.

Oxymorrons are back with another big, bold banger. 

'Green Vision' is an enthusiastic and densely layered slice of rap-rock that combines the band's knack for penning a huge song with their fun-loving and infectious attitudide. 

Plus the video is ace, taking us around some of the local landmarks of the band's home in New York. 

The band had this to say about the tune:

"Green means go! So ‘Green Vision’ to us is go time. It's us putting our stamp on the world with our "new" New York rock sound. It's a song that defines us as a whole sonically and image-wise. It's that real New York braggadocious shit that our city is known for. It's Oxy - Hip-hop low end, heavy-hitting drums, wailing guitars and, most importantly, swag. We here to break down genre barriers, kick down walls of what people consider rock music. Rock has evolved but it's here to stay and so are we!!!! Get used to it!"

Have a watch below:

The track is the second release from the band on 333 WRECKORDS CREW, following on from 'Justice' which was dropped last year:


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