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One Of The Songs On Corey Taylor’s Debut Solo Album Was Written Back When He Was In High School

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 4 June 2020 at 14.44

Material that has stood the test of time.

Last week Corey Taylor revealed that his debut solo album is done, after he told Lzzy Hale that he had been making it in secret.

"All five of us did it. We went in and we recorded 25 songs in about two and a half weeks, and we did everything live. And it's dope. Really, really cool. 

"All the songs are things that I've written over the years but they didn't really fit with either band. So it's stuff that I've just kind of been sitting on. I just kind of turned around and I was just, like, ‘Jeez, I've got all these songs.’ And I've been kind of talking about doing a solo album anyway, and I was just, like, ‘This is the perfect time to do it. And picking those guys was the perfect combo, cos we all just love the same kinds of music. The same kinds of rock, the same kinds of punk, the same kinds of metal, the same kinds of everything. We all were able to incorporate those influences into everything.”

Well now more details have been revealed in a chat that Corey had on Sirius XM's Trunk Nation.

First he spoke about where he finds the songs that seem suitable for just him rather than for Slipknot or Stone Sour:

"I'm always writing. And it's kind of all over the page sometimes. Sometimes it's a risky move with both bands that I'm willing to take, and then there's some times where it's just, like, 'You know what? I don't even know where this fits. This has got like a Sweet/Slade vibe that doesn't really fit with either band.'

I tried giving them to other bands, and some bands, it just didn't fit their vibe, and other bands, they're a little more just not into outside material. So I just have a surplus of songs, and it was just, like, 'All right, I guess I'm just gonna use it."

He then explaind where a lot of the songs came from, one in paritcular dating waaaaay back:

"A lot of this stuff is as new as I've written it in the last year or so, and some of the stuff is as old as… I mean, the first song on the album is a song that I've been working on since I was in high school.

"It's a long, long, long time coming, and really maybe it was one of those things where it took years of working and honing my craft to have, I guess, the confidence to be able to complete that song. So, yeah, this is a long, long time of waiting and piecing it together, and it feels awesome."

Lovely stuff! It all seems to be coming together. 

If you need something to watch, here's Corey playing live in London from a couple of years ago:


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