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Oli Sykes: ‘Pushing Ourselves Musically Is The Goal’

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 25 October 2012 at 19.16

Bring Me The Horizon frontman talks process and progress as work on 'Sempiternal' draws to a close.

The new Bring Me The Horizon album has a producer (Terry Date), title ('Sempiternal'), teaser trailer (look up a bit) and clear identity according to vocalist Oli Sykes.

In a recent interview with Rock Sound the frontman stated the ambition for record four, and it's pretty simple really.

"Pushing ourselves musically is - for me anyway - the goal," he admitted. "All the things that have come with that in the past have been positive, so that’s all we know. We’re definitely not writing songs with the idea of being on the radio, achieving this or that. For instance, we wrote a song you can imagine on the soundtrack to the end of the world, but it’s not it was written for that purpose. The only goal for us is pushing ourselves and hopefully that will be rewarding in itself."

That clarity extends to the lyrics that will ultimately define the album's meaning in the wider world.

"I think it’s going to be a far more positive album," he continues. "Not cheesy, but I’ve got a much clearer view of my life; I’ve definitely gone through a lot of shit and feel like I’ve finally got through it. There’s a lot of reflection there and there’s a lot of almost apologies that I want to write. I think a lot of the stuff - the way I was and what I’ve done - has affected a lot of people and I never saw it that way. It’s not just an apology, it’s a confirmation of everything that’s happened and where we are today."


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