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Of Mice & Men Talk New Music: “We’ve Got A Bunch Of Songs…”

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 12 July 2017 at 11.49

"We needed to come to the table and just bring something powerful..."

Of Mice & Men have spoken about new music and their experiences since Austin Carlile left the band.

Speaking to Hot Topic, drummer Valentino Arteaga said: "We needed to come to the table and just bring something powerful, and make a strong statement..."

… the best laid plans Of Mice & Men often go awry, and all we can do is use our music in order to guide us through that."

Bassist / vocalist Aaron Pauley added that, "We’ve got a bunch of songs that we have demoed, a bunch more that are kind of skeletons of songs that are halfway done that are demoed that we’re working on finishing."

Valentino explained that "We kind of wanted to just give everyone a taste of the vibe of what Of Mice & Men is going to sound like going forward."

Here's the first song they released since Austin's departure, 'Unbreakable'.

"Unbreakable has been getting a lot of love from the fans… we didn’t really think it was going to even move the needle, or even be something people would talk a few weeks after it," said Aaron.

"It was a scary thing to do, but at the same time we knew it was the right thing to do."

"We’re always writing too, so it’s an exciting process to actually get the music out and show everyone what we’ve been working on," added Valentino.

You can watch the whole interview here:

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