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Of Mice & Men Have Dropped A Heavy New Track

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 15 February 2019 at 10.02

This is 'How To Survive'.

Of Mice & Men have dropped a bruising new track- a stand-alone track that doesn't feature on their 2018 album 'Defy'.

Speaking of the meaning behind 'How To Survive', frontman Aaron Pauley has shared "'How to Survive' is an anthem for those who have been the receiving end of unmerited and targeted hatred and abuse. It's for the kid who was bullied, beat up, and ignored in school. It's for the teenager who was told that they'll never amount to anything and that their thoughts, feelings, and opinions don't matter to the world. It's for the person who has been told that they're worthless, useless, or not good enough, time and time again. It's for the person who's repeatedly been targeted by those who only seek to tear others around them down."

He continued "This song is for them. This song is for me. I am them, and I'm still standing. So, turn it up. Feel the rage. If you, too, are that person, you will know it well, and it will greet you like an old friend."

While the new single isn't accompanied by an album announcement, the lads in Of Mice & Men have been teasing that they're working on new material in the studio- so it's safe to assume an album announcement isn't far away. And if 'How To Survive' is anything to go by, this new era is set to be massive.

Check out 'How To Survive' below:

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