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Nothing But Thieves Have Shared A Pulsating New Track ‘Futureproof’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 9 June 2021 at 10.44

An exploration into new waters.

Nothing But Thieves have shared their first new music of 2021, and it's a pulsating little banger. 

The track is called 'Futureproof' and combines groove-riddled riffs with slick harmonies and plenty of fuzz and feeling. It serves as a further dive into what exactly Nothing But Thieves can and will be, and that is never anything less than exhilarating.

The band had this to say about what the track represents emotionally and techinically.

“’Futureproof’ is about self-preservation; what that means to different people and the lengths that those people would go to achieve it. 

It's designed to be a guitar rock and hip hop hybrid. That can be a bit of an eye-roller and it's easy to get wrong, but there's a parallel between some of our heavier songs and the more aggressive side of hip hop, which we wanted to try and get at. It's dark and chromatic and then it's mixed like a hip hop track with loud drums and vocals. The idea was to try and explore that territory in the most authentic and fresh way.”

Here we go:


It follows on from the release of the band's third album 'Moral Panic' which dropped last year. 

That featured the likes of 'Is Everybody Going Crazy?':

'Real Love Song':

And 'Impossible':


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