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Next Year’s Reading & Leeds Festival Will Have Two Main Stages And Six Headliners

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 28 August 2020 at 12.00


As we are all aware Reading and Leeds Festival should have been this weekend, but because of the currently state of the world that's not the case. 

BUT, the plans for next year's festival look like they are going to make up for its absence and then some. 

Speaking to NME, the festival's organiser Melvin Benn has revealed that 2021 will see the festival have two main stages and SIX headliners. 

“COVID has given us a year off, so the innovation for next year is testing – everybody will be tested. We’re also going to reproduce the main stage twice. What was the second stage is going to be elevated to an equal stage with the same presentation. What that really allows us to do is book six acts that are headliners.”

“When we first took over Reading Festival in 1989, the idea that there would even be two stages of acts playing at the same time was innovative. People were like, ‘Two bands playing at once? You can’t do that, Melvin’. We were like, ‘Yeah we can, just watch’. Now festivals have hundreds of stages at once.”

If that wasn't enough, all of the headliners will be of the exact same size AND all six will never have headlined the festival before, with only one of them being a "repeat" from this year's line-up.

When asked about how he felt about festivals moving their 2020 line-ups over to next year he had this to say:

“No, I was very clear and determined about that. The idea that the 2020 line-up would work perfectly well for 2021? No, it’s not happening – not for Reading & Leeds. We just wiped the slate clean and started again. There will be one headliner that will repeat, but that’s the only one. Someone asked if we should just book the same thing, but we’ve never done that so why would we start now? We’d be a year out of date.”

The first line-up wannouncement will be this coming Monday (August 31) at 6:30pm BST. 


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