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New Years Day’s Ash Costello: “Trolls Don’t Live Under Bridges, They Hide Behind Computers.”

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 10 October 2017 at 13.04

"Don't be that person."

New Years Day's
Ash Costello has posted on Instagram condemning the behaviour of Internet trolls. 

"Trolls don't live under bridges, they hide behind computers.

Don't ever feed the negativity online.

Report. Block. Delete. Don't engage.
Don't be that person. Choose kindness. ALWAYS choose kindness.
There's nothing funny or cool about wasting your time and energy on trolling.

If you own a troll account, re-evaluate yourself and how you're spending your time. Cause I promise, you're wasting it."

Check out the full post below:

Here's 'Kill Or Be Killed' from 15's 'Malevolence':

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