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New Found Glory Re-Made Twilight For Their Video For ‘Thousand Years’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 1 August 2019 at 09.35

You really need to see this.

Let's talk facts for a minute. The Twilight movie has basically the best soundtrack of all time - that's just a fact. 

Here's another fact - New Found Glory covering 'Thousand Years' by Cristina Perry off the Twilight soundtrack, and recreating the movie for the music video is one of the single most hilarious and ridiculous things you will ever see. That's also just a fact. 

The lads in New Found Glory covered 'Thousand Years' for the third iteration of their 'From The Screen To Your Stereo' albums, where they cover momentous songs from famous films. 

The video has everything that the Twilight movie has - love, loss, sexual tension... But with the added bonus of better acting, and pop-punk. 

Check out New Found Glory's video for 'Thousand Years' below:

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