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New Found Glory Have Released A ‘Home Alone’-Inspired Video For ‘Call Me Anti-Social’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 18 May 2018 at 11.06

Absolute chaos.

Never ones to shy around from a funny music video, New Found Glory have released a brand new video for 'Call Me Anti-Social'.

The video follows the story of some young friends, who get inspired to take revenge on a party being thrown by their older siblings and they go full Kevin McCallister from 'Home Alone', and rain chaos down. Read the band's explanation of the story behind the video below.

Check out the video for New Found Glory's 'Call Me Anti-Social' below:

"Meet Sam, Brooke, and Jimmy…3 best friends. Their favorite things to do are play 007 Golden Eye on Nintendo 64, talk about their favorite messy projects in science class, and most of all raid abandoned construction sites for what they consider to be treasure (i.e. wood, nails, screws and the occasional tool). They used to play Mario Kart more than 007 but all agreed that it made them too stressed out (especially Jimmy). They all became close friends by finding a common bond. You see, what first felt like rejection ended up being the road that led them to each other. Being an outcast brought them together which quickly felt like true friendship. The kind of friendship that matters…not status, not perfect grades, and not caring what is considered cool or not. They loved how different each of them were and always encouraged each others individuality. It was the first day of summer break. Sam’s older brother, Troy, and his high school clique were celebrating with one of their typical parties. As if they didn’t throw these parties all year already, summer was just another excuse. Also Troy and Sam's parents were away at the lake for the weekend so the opportunity to break all the rules was there. Sam, Brooke, and Jimmy hated summer with a passion. They felt too insecure for the big social gatherings, bathing suits, partying and all the other stuff they didn’t relate to or understand the point of. It just seemed like a waste of time to them. Plus from past experiences, they usually were made to feel unwelcome. That's probably the reason this party triggered them the most. They felt it was time to show they were proud of the weird little family they became. Anti-Social to some but best friends to each other. Feeling inspired by one of their clever heroes Kevin Mcalister from the Christmas classic Home Alone, combined with some of their favorite scenes from the old box of horror VHS tapes they found; Sam, Brooke, and Jimmy had all they needed to devise the ultimate prank. Unfortunately for Troy and his clique, Sam, Brooke, and Jimmy never really learned what it meant to go too far. Movies are fantasy but this was real life…"

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