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Neck Deep Are Teasing Something Is Coming “Very Soon”

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 12 February 2020 at 12.51


Things are moving in the Neck Deep camp - and they've started teasing that they have "BIG NEWS VERY SOON"

Back in June, Neck Deep dropped a brand new, stand-alone single in the form of 'She's A God' - but that's largely the last we've heard of new music from them. But this looks like a hint that we might be expecting new music from them... very soon...

When we spoke with them at Slam Dunk Festival last year, work had started on the new Neck Deep album, and according to frontman Ben Barlow, we would be hearing new music from them "probably sooner rather than later".

Ben also shared "We don't want to force anything, we've kind of just been writing whatever we write. And whatever comes out is what we're going with."

He continued "We've got a lot of material already, and we're nowhere near done. But there's a lot of ideas floating around, and there's a lot of good stuff happening."

Speaking of their massive 2017 album 'The Peace And The Panic', Ben also shared "We're not putting any pressure on ourselves, we're just giving ourselves time. That was totally the whole context of it, because last time we wrote a great record, but it was done in a pressure cooker, and it had such a fine time constraint on it. So we were saying 'let's leave this one a lot more open'."

And as for how far along the process is with the writing? "Some [ideas] are more developed than others - you'll see probably sooner rather than later".

So, soon then. 


Check out our full chat with Neck Deep below:

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