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Neck Deep And Trophy Eyes Have Tour Beef Over Trophy Eyes’ Setlist

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 25 September 2018 at 11.13

(Not really, but still...)

It's been a while since we had band beef in the scene. And this is being fought out in the public realm. We're all watching it unfold. 

Here's what's going on- Trophy Eyes are currently out on tour with Hopeless Records labelmates Neck Deep. Everything appeared to be going well. Until yesterday. 

The beef started off the back of a huge omission from Trophy Eyes' setlist. 'Hurt' hasn't made the cut.

That's right- five shows in to the Neck Deep North American tour, Trophy Eyes are yet to play 'Hurt'. And Neck Deep aren't happy about it. 

It all kicked off last night with Neck Deep guitarist Sam Bowden tweeting "Trophy eyes have kinda pissed me off this tour. They keep promising they’re gonna play 'Hurt' and then they don’t play it."

Then Dani Washington, Neck Deep's drummer got involved. 

And in that moment, we were truly all Dani. 

If you thought it would end there, you'd be wrong. Hopeless Records got involved. And when your label gets involved, you know it's serious. 

It escalated further with Dani offering for Neck Deep to play 'Hurt' and give the people what they deserve if Trophy Eyes continue to refuse to step up. 

Trophy Eyes have been especially quiet on the matter, but bassist Jeremy Winchester has teased... 

Now, usually we wouldn't get involved in band beef. We wouldn't choose sides. But on this occasion, we're making an exception. 

Hey, Trophy Eyes- play 'Hurt' and GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY DESERVE.

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