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My Chemical Romance Won’t Be Reforming For Vans Warped Tour

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 15 February 2018 at 10.33

"We're not o-fucking-kay"

Vans Warped Tour have confirmed that My Chemical Romance won't be reforming for the festival's last cross country run this summer. 

When asked on Twitter if they would be able to get the band back together they responded with "let's just set the record straight - we are not reuniting @MCRofficial and we're not okay about it we're not o-fucking-kay."


Check out the tweet below:

Festival founder Kevin Lyman confirmed that this summer would be the last time Vans Warped Tour travels across the country in November last year.

We spoke to him on the Rock Sound Podcast about his decision and what the future now holds:

“It’s been stewing in my mind for the last couple of years. I mean I set out this tour in 1995 to promote action sports and music. Through the years it transformed into a cultural thing but I think I’d done everything I could possibly do in the format that it is. Things have changed a lot.

I’m just tired to be honest – physically tired. I’m out there because I believe that me being the presence on the tour has been the stabilizing thing when you have so many bands on the road that you end up getting just fatigued.

I’m 57 years old working 16 hours a day for two months straight. I think we can continue what we’ve done with Warped in the future but it just needs to manifest itself in different ways.

I just need to reenergise myself a bit. It gets to be kind of routine, and I started the Warped Tour so there wouldn’t be routine! It’s become a routine not just for myself, but in the sense that I think people took it for granted that ‘Warped will be here forever'.

Maybe it’ll shake a lot of people up to start doing better, working towards unifying the scene again. I think everyone just depended on us to do it.”

Listen to the full interview below:

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