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My Chemical Romance Have Started Using Their Blog Again

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 17 January 2020 at 15.06

It really is nice to have them back, isn't it?

My Chemical Romance have revived the blog section on their website, and it's all started with a short blog post from frontman Gerard Way. 

Before the infamous breakup of MCR in 2013, the members of My Chem used their website blog as a means of communicating with their fans in a more long-form way than Twitter (which at the time was still only limited to 140 characters per tweet - what a time!). 

Now that they're back in action, the old My Chem blog feature has roared back to life, with Gerard sharing some thoughts on his preparations to hit Japan later this year, for two scheduled live appearances. 

"Gearing up to head to Japan – it has always been a magical place for me," Gerard shared. "Every time I am there, I learn something about the culture, and something about myself. I come back home feeling fresh, with a new perspective. The crowds are as spectacular as the beauty of the country."

This is the first time since the announcement of the reunion that Gerard has spoken about My Chem being back, beyond the initial announcement made on his Instagram on Halloween last year.


California 2019

A post shared by Gerard Way (@gerardway) on

So far, MCR have five live appearances scheduled for 2020, across Australia, New Zealand and Japan. But it looks like the UK and the US might be up next. Check out the full list of announced tour dates below:


20 - MELBOURNE Download Festival
21 - SYDNEY Download Festival
25 - AUCKLAND Western Springs
28 - OSAKA Intex
29 - TOKYO Download Festival

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