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MusicPlanetLive To Put £1Million Into Helping New UK Artists And Promoters

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 13 February 2018 at 15.19


Live music platform MusicPlanetLive is putting up £1million worth of grants and incentives designed to help support new UK artists.

Artists, promoters and events in the UK could receive up for £5,000 each over the next half-year, 

The platform - which is designed to help artists grow a fan base and reach their audience free of charge (as well as making money!) - has already provided funding for the likes of Chapter And Verse, who say, "The investment Chapter And Verse received from MPL has been a huge help in plugging the endless financial shortfall that touring always seems to cause for a developing artist.

"Essentially, in the constant balance between creative vision and available budget, it has allowed us to tip the scales a little further in our favour."

Bands, promoters and venues can sign up right here and get involved with everything MPL has to offer, including NuuRadio; their interactive radio station where artists can upload their own songs for broadcast! Once bands are all signed up, they can go to NuuRadio and apply for a grant right there.

"We are funding proactive emerging acts of all genres who have the drive, determination and passion to promote their music and not expect everything on a plate," says MusicPlanetLive.

"We want to see more people at more shows and keep live music thriving from grassroots venues to the biggest arenas."

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