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Music Distribution Centre Destroyed In Riots

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 9 August 2011 at 22.00

The Sony and PIAS Distribution centre in Enfield burns down overnight. News and reaction on this page throughout the day.

• Sony/PIAS Distribution centre destroyed during last night's rioting.
• Artists and labels beginning to discover impacts of the blaze
• Response from the wider music community to the violence
• Story updated throughout the day

PIAS have posted another statement as it begins to rebuild services:

"Latest update - Sony DADC have actioned their Business Continuity Plan and are back up and running from a new control room in Enfield. PIAS continue to work with them to minimise the impact on the business, a number one priority for all labels and clients. SonyDADC have identified a temporary distribution partner and it is envisaged that they will be in a position to pick, pack and ship orders in the course of next week.

This follows an earlier statement regarding a fire last night at the SonyDADC warehouse, which services the physical distribution for PIAS in the UK and Ireland. PIAS's UK offices in London and all other areas of our business are unaffected. More information will be communicated shortly to all our labels and partners. Further details will follow tomorrow morning. We wish to thank everyone for the overwhelming messages of support."

Chemikal Underground, home of acts like The Unwinding Hours, have also offered their thoughts on the blaze.

Opinion articles published discussing the impact of the fire. BBC Wales interview label owners and record stores about the potential damage levels while the Guardian talk of 'ruinous stock loss'. Grim.

The Association of Independent Music have also posted the following message for those interested in helping to get labels back on their feet:

"Music fans can show their support for the independent label community, and help them survive this disaster, by buying a digital download of an album from any one of the digital retailers in the UK, as well as going to their local record store whilst stocks last. This way the labels will be able to remanufacture their CDs and vinyl more quickly, to resupply the record shops who are also affected by the riots."

Xtra Mile, Hassle, Full Time Hobby, Domino, Beggars Group, Side One Dummy, Smalltown America, Ambush Reality and more among the affected labels. #labellove doing the rounds on Twitter.

The view from the We Are The Ocean van as it drives past the PIAS Warehouse.


More reaction from musicians as coverage of last night's rioting continues:

We Are The Ocean: "Absolutely gutted for PIAS. They distribute our records, along with so many other incredible bands and now everything is destroyed."
Francesqa: "Our thoughts go out to ALL people in cities affected around the UK by this rioting. Be safe."
Gustav Wood, Young Guns: "Makes me feel sick watching what's happening in London. What a brilliant way to widen the divide and compound issues even further"
Aled Phillips, Kids In Glass Houses: "Old British resolve and dignity being shown by many good people. Born here or not, they're a credit to the country. #riotcleanup"
Spycatcher: "Our thoughts are with all the innocent victims of the appalling riots over the last few days. This is not England."

The below video also doing the rounds. Sickening.

Sam Duckworth is out as part of @riotcleanup, we'll be interviewing him once he has finished clearing the streets. Legend.

PIAS release a statement about the blaze:

"There was a fire last night at the SonyDADC warehouse which services the physical distribution for PIAS in the UK and Ireland. PIAS is working closely with SonyDADC who are implementing their emergency plans. PIAS's UK offices in London and all other areas of our business are unaffected. More information will be communicated shortly to all our labels and partners."

Charlie Simpson has released the following statement about last night's fire. As he posted earlier on Twitter the release date of his debut album will most likely be affected:

"I'm very upset and frustrated to hear that the PIAS distribution warehouse was burnt down last night. PIAS are a champion for independent artists and music, I'm proud to be part of them. We will support them in any way possible through this difficult time. We will issue a full statement with further details regarding PIAS and release date of my album 'Young Pilgrim' as soon as possible. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people that have had their families, homes and businesses affected by this terrible situation."

A host of names from the Rock Sound world (including Fucked Up, Young Guns, Enter Shikari, Frank Turner and many more) were massively impacted by the rioting in London last night when a warehouse in Enfield that houses Sony and PIAS Distribution was destroyed by fire.

Sky News recently posted footage of the centre take this morning, click here to see the building as it looks now. The clip below is taken from BBC News last night:

An official statement from PIAS is expected later today as artists, record stores and labels begin to understand the impacts of this loss. A selection of tweets from musicians on the subject can be read below:

Frank Turner: "People saying they burnt down PIAS, UK indie distributor. Oh well, there goes independent labels. Fuck."
Chris TT: "If PIAS damage bad as sounds, implication for UK independent music industry very severe indeed. Small dedicated businesses, NOT majors. :("
Fraser Taylor, Young Guns: "Huge bummer about Sony/Pias distro warehouse being burnt to the ground. terrible impact on independent music, including our own. Fuck you!"
Charlie Simpson: "My heart goes out to the people in the UK worst effected by this senseless violence..."

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