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Motionless In White Are Hiding Bits Of Wood Everywhere

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 10 September 2014 at 16.49

No, they're not confused, they're just promoting their new album.

If you go down to the woods today, you might just find a coffin. And if you do, chances are you've found a new Motionless In White track!

Here's the jist of what's going down: 

The band have hidden 11 miniature coffins all over the place. Well, mainly in various American cities, but there's one in London and one in Canada, so it's kinda inclusive.

Each coffin will contain a special mini player which plays and unlocks a new track from the band's upcoming album 'Reincarnate', which people can then listen to HERE

Once all 11 coffins have been found, the entire album will be available to stream at the above link.

Still with us? Stay alert, there's more...

After all this malarkey, the band will unveil their album in full. It's all a bit complex, innit?

Here's the easy bit: the band's new album 'Reincarnate' will be released this coming Monday, September 15 via Fearless Records.

Happy hunting!

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