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MOTHICA Has Released A Personally Huge New Track ‘Casualty’

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 28 January 2022 at 11.53

It's the first taste of her upcoming record 'Nocturnal'.

has spent the last few weeks teasing her upcoming new album 'Nocturnal' via a series of visceral and visually stunning trailers. 

And now we can hear some new music. 

That comes in the form of 'Casualty', a deeply personal and brilliantly massive rock banger, full of gorgeous melodies and infectious hooks. It's a song about triumphing in the face of the things that hold us down, and one that will serve as inspiration for so many, no matter what your vice may be.

This is what she had to say about the track:

“On the way to the studio, I was thinking about how many things in my life were set up to destroy me. Like, alcoholism and depression that runs in my family. I suffer from both, and I really hate the idea of either of these things being the reason I give up on life. The word “casualty” refers more to the numbers to represent how fatal a war is, and doesn’t really consider the individuality of each life lost. With over two years sober, this song was an empowered response, that I didn’t want to let these inherited destructive diseases control me anymore. A promise to not die by suicide or drug overdose, which was a very real trajectory for me in the past. It’s one of those songs that just sets my soul on fire in the best way.”

Plus, the video is stunning. Check it out below:

Here's the aforementioned album trailer, for you to lose yourself in:

And if you can't wait anymore, here's 'Heavy Heart' from a few months back:

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