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Moose Blood: “Please Look After Each Other”

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 7 March 2017 at 12.17


Moose Blood have spoken out against violence at shows, and reminded fans to look after each other.

They made the comments after an audience member passed out at a gig on Sunday, in Florida.

"We do what we can but please look after each other, be mindful", they wrote.

"If there's no barrier and you're gonna jump on people please be aware of what your limbs are doing, no one goes to a show to be kicked/hurt."

Shows should absolutely be an outlet for anybody who needs that, but it's an outlet in the form of singing/having fun, not aggression."

Besides that.. tonight's show was a lot of fun, thank you Florida!"

Yep, this.

With Confidence recently responded to violence at one of their gigs, saying "...That shit does not fly at a With Confidence show and is not ok with us."

"Our shows are a safe place and if we see that again security will swiftly move you out into the cold where you belong."

Moose Blood will play Download Festival this summer, which takes place at Donington Park from June 09 - 11.


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