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Minus The Bear Go Acoustic

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 30 September 2008 at 21.42

Minus The Bear are to release a new 'Acoustics' EP, full information below:

''Precisely one month ago MTB secretly entered the new Redroom studio in Seattle to bang on some acoustic guitars, tambourines, swizzle stix, snare drums, organ pipes, and vocal chords. What emerged is a new EP, Acoustics, where we've re-worked some old faves into some rousing acoustic campfire gems. Also included is a new track, 'Guns & Ammo,' that we'll be premiering on our upcoming US tour (along with another new jam that is definitely not acoustic, if you know what i mean.)''

1. Guns & Ammo (new track)
2. We Are Not a Football Team (from the album, Highly Refined Pirates)
3. Burying Luck (from the album, Planet of Ice)
4. Knights (from the album, Planet of Ice)
5. Pachuca Sunrise (from the album, Menos El Oso)
6. Throwin' Shapes (from the album, Planet of Ice)
7. Ice Monster (from the album, Planet of Ice)

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