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Midasuno Call It A Day

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 11 August 2008 at 20.18

Welsh rockers Midasuno have decided to call it day.

The band posted this statement on their site...

"We regret to inform you that the rumours are true, we played our last gig a fortnight ago at the Barfly, Cardiff. If you haven't got the jist of things from the first sentence, Midasuno are no more.

We've had an amazing 8(ish) years and we don't regret a single thing, when there are a LOT of potential things we could .

Despite the amazing support we've recieved from certain sectors of the music industry, nameley Mike @ Sugar Shack Records, Darren Sadler @ Rocksound, and the lovely guys and gals at Jagermeister for example,
the thought of being criminally ignored has finally taken its toll.

We never set out to be an underground "cult"
sensation, its been arenas or bust from day one, and for some reason unknown to us, we cannot break through the glass ceiling and have the success we feel the band deserves.

Theres only so long you can sit on the fence of success waiting for "it" to happen before developing piles.

Most of the people who will read this will be as gutted as we are and trust us, making this desicion is one of the hardest things we have ever had to do.
We've brushed off a lot of shit, got stronger and stronger every gig we've played and every record we released, but the rewards we recieved never matched the ambition we've had for the band.

Don't get us wrong, we consider ourselves rediculously lucky with all of the opportunities we've had, and we know it's what millions of bands would love to do, but the current scene has no place for an honest british rock band in its ranks which is truely a sad time for music.

We would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone that has shown even the smallest amount of enthusiasm and support for us, it was never a cool thing to like us, and for the people who championed our cause we can only commend your guts and bravery for giving a fuck about us.

To all the bands, promoters, and people we've worked with throughout our career we thank you.

To the people who turned up at our shows, bought our t-shirts, listened to our records or marked their bodies, you've truely made the last 8 years unforgettable and we're forever in your debt.

We've always played every show like it would be our last, but actually playing a 'last show' would not only break our hearts, but we'd be cheating both ourselves and you as fans.

We're sure you'll see some of us across a stage somewhere again, as the only thing we still have as indivuduals is our undying love for music.

Peace, love, empathy

Scott Lee Andrews, Gavin Glyndwr Thomas Jessop, Matthew John Riste, Christopher David Morgan

Formerly knows as m i d a s u n o

Never drop your guard . . ."

Midasuno RIP

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