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Metallica’s Lars Ulrich On ‘Stranger Things’: “It’s Making A Statement”

James Wilson-Taylor
James Wilson-Taylor 1 August 2022 at 10.17

The drummer reacted to the use of 'Master Of Puppets' in a new interview

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has spoken further about the use of 'Master Of Puppets' in the Netflix series 'Stranger Things'.

The track has seen a huge boost in streaming numbers, entering the UK top 40 chart for the first time following its inclusion in the season 4 finale of the show.

In a new interview with Walt of Chicago's Rock 95.5, Ulrich described the viral success of the song as "such a mindfuck. It's so difficult to fathom. Obviously, we've been following it, and obviously Stranger Things have been an incredible phenomenon for years. And the fact that it kind of came out of the blue just three months ago, six months ago."

He continues "We try to be very involved in letting our music be part of these cultural things that are out there and just to connect to fans and get the music out there...The way this thing has taken off. And who would have thought that - what is it? 36 years… So this song is 36 years old, and it's now in the Top 40 in the U.K. It's an eight-minute song, and it's fucking making a statement."

He concludes by commenting on "the power of film, the power of television, the power of just culture, and obviously any opportunity you get to turn new kids or younger kids on to music that may be a gateway into discovering whatever it is - whether it's harder rock or different things, whatever is on their radar, is super cool. But this thing is just crazy. It's kind of hard to fully comprehend, but it's awesome. So we're very psyched."

The band recently met up with actor Joseph Quinn, who plays Eddie Munson in the show, backstage at Lollapalooza Festival, even gifting him a signed guitar and jamming to 'Master Of Puppets' backstage.

Check out the video below:

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